MeraEvents launches MoozUp Lite to create eco-friendly and smart event guide


Versant Online solutions - the parent company of MeraEvents, an online portal dedicated to connecting organizers and delegates of events, conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs by providing listing, branding and ticketing online - is launching another product from its kit today, MoozUp Lite. It aims at providing a smart & paperless event guide which can be easily created and modified by the organizers. The first advantage that comes to picture with such a solution is the ease and accuracy of sharing information with the delegates about the schedule and details of events.

Naidu Darapaneni, founder of MeraEvents and the lead of the team behind MoozUp Lite, says, “We see a heavy usage of paper in the event industry because the event agendas, speaker profiles, exhibitors’ profiles are printed in large numbers. More often than not, there are changes happening last minute and the prints are taken more than a single time. We want to reduce this wastage of paper by shifting the information sharing online.” Most of the people carry a smart phone to the events making this solution feasible.

Looking from organizers’ perspective, it can eliminate the cost of printing, avoid the hassle caused due to last minute changes and allow them to give accurate information to the attendees. The delegates can personalize the agenda according to their interests from parallel sessions that generally go on in large events. They also get to know about all the speakers, exhibitors, attendees well in advance. And of course, the reduction in use of paper will be a huge benefit to the environment.

You can check out a sample event agenda here.

MoozUp Lite is a minimalist version of MoozUp, which is an event networking solution with more features than MoozUp Lite but available at a higher price. You can expect to see the following features in MoozUp Lite:

·        Event agenda creation

·        Event directory with information about speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees.

·        Integration of event agenda to the event website: changes to be made only at one location and they get reflected in all platforms including the website.

·        It can be used on mobile/tablet for personalization of agendas.

·        E-mail and SMS notifications can be sent to attendees.

If adopted well by the event industry, MoozUp Lite can do its bit for the environment apart from reducing headaches for organizers.


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