Snap2life will try to bring print media to life through Augmented Reality


Prisma Global Limited is a global information technology solutions company that specializes in Healthcare, Augmented Reality, Image recognition, Security and Business Intelligence. In a new development, the company has introduced a new technology to change the advertising scenario in India. The technology is called snap2life and it connects the print with digital.

The Snap2Life Technology is a Software as a service solution for IR (Image Recognition) and AR (Augmented Reality) that amalgamates both print and digital media. The aim is to transform the capability of connecting the printed communication to desired digital media for delivering measurable engagement with consumers. Every page and every picture in a magazine or news paper can be a link to the website, digital content and Augmented Reality.Shreeram Iyer is the Chairman and Group CEO or Prisma Global which acquired Prisma Gmbh, the German subsidiary led by Volker Brendal. The technology has widespread applications ranging from commercial (asset management) to healthcare (used for dermatological evaluation and detection) to security.

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There are quite a few Augmented Reality startups that are based out of India. Telibrahma is an established name along with the likes of Gamooz, Imaginate and Blink.


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