[SoundPitch] Entrepreneurs! Calling in for Sound Bytes- Send us your 90 second audio pitches


The startup world is getting crazier by the day and we're absolutely ecstatic about it. To create some more buzz, turning up the decibel levels a bit, we thought of coming up with Sound Pitch- a campaign via which we'll carry your 90 second audio pitches.

In this age of elevator pitches, it's of utmost importance to have your pitch super polished and super crisp. And what can be better than this? Stand up, record your clip and sent it to us. We'll feature all the good ones and make sure you're heard far and wide.

Make it different, make it stand out, we're all ears!

How to participate?

1) Go to Soundcloud.com and upload your 90 second pitch (make sure to include your name, company name, rest is upto you). Or you can do it via (our very own) Croak.it as well.

2) Send us the link to your pitch along with your team photograph at edit.team@yourstory.in with the subject line: Sound Pitch - <Company Name>

3) Voila! You're done. We'll sieve through the entries and publish them on YourStory.

Note: The selection procedure will be subjective but we believe we have developed a decent sense of quality after covering more than 10,000 entrepreneurs in 5 years of our existence. Speak up! :)

For any queries, write in to jubin@yourstory.in or tweet @jub_in


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