Want to know how your competitor's website is doing? Check out NetElixir's LXRMarketplace


In December, 2011, NetElixir, a search marketing consulting firm launched LXRMarketplace, which provides free search marketing tools for SMBs. The site currently offers 8 SEO and search marketing tools, which track SEO and search statistics for your website as well as your

competitors website.

Udayan Bose, founder of NetElixir shared that this was in an attempt to help the numerous SMBs whom they can't take onboard because of their limited bandwidth. "When I'd speak at various conferences, there would always be so many SMBs who would ask me as to how they can manage their search marketing better. While I shared a lot of knowledge with them, we really couldn't help them with our services because of limited bandwidth. I thought putting some of these tools out for free would be of great benefit to SMBs."

Since its launch, the LXRMarketplace has served more than 14,000 users from 26 countries. The site aims to build upon its existing base of 8 applications, which Udayan says are "enterprise level technologies". He further adds, "While these are self used tools, some tools in the current suite use our propriety bid optimization algorithms and also provide one of the most exhaustive reporting solutions available in the market."

Here are the list of products available on the LXRMarketplace as of now -

  • SEO Webpage Analysis - Helps you analyze various on-page SEO factors on your website to judge how well it is SEO optimized and whether the SEO elements are in place or not.
  • Competitor Analysis - Helps you to quickly analyze how search-friendly your website is compared to your competitor's websites.
  • Sitemap Builder - Automatically generates sitemaps for your website whenever you make changes or update the content on your site.
  • PPC Keyword Performance Analyzer - Helps you analyze the keywords of your current marketing campaigns to easily separate the top performers from the non-performers.
  • ROI Calculator - For calculating how much money your online marketing campaign is making for you, in seconds!
  • PPC Keyword Combinator - Helps you generate thousands of keywords in Adwords editor and AdCenter desktop compatible formats.
  • URL Auditor - For analyzing your marketing campaigns' URLs to quickly find and fix those that are broken.

NetElixir itself has seen a fair amount of growth in the past three years. After raising a friends and

family round, Udayan shared that the company has gone on to acquire some very big names in the industry, who use their SEM services, including the likes of Toys R Us, American Express and Lenovo to name a few.Download these tools from LXRMarketplace and tell us what you think. 

Udayan Bose