hCentive, an Indian startup, is strengthening ObamaCare in the United States


The health facilities in United States have been ranked as the costliest among all nations. Despite the innovations carried out in the medical field, lack of medical care and huge costs results in number of deaths around the country annually. Corporate employees were the only privileged ones to get covered by health insurance. To improve this grim scenario the government of US implemented ObamaCare. According to Wikipedia, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called Obamacare, is a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. PPACA aims to increase the rate of health insurance ncover for Americans and reduce the overall costs of health care. The law intends to improve the state of medical insurances across the country.

Sanjay Singh

Ever since the launch of ObamaCare, the health insurance market has increased in manifolds across the state. Organizations and seekers of health insurances have therefore started looking for means to claim these benefits brought about by the new law. Sanjay Singh, CEO of Hcentive says, “that is when we as a startup initiated our work on the technology solutions to implement the law.” Hcentive simplifies online consumer shopping for health insurance, and provide the technology to implement the health insurance exchanges.

hCentive was formed in 2009 and was the first company to build an exchange solution, ground-up since PPACA was enacted. hCentive provides cloud-based healthcare technology solution that help consumers and businesses connect, communicate and engage with health plans. The startups web-based health insurance exchange helps individuals and families search and compare health plans from major insurers and purchase the plan that best suits their needs. This platform also helps state governments comply with the health insurance exchange requirements of health care, under the new law.

hCentive offers different service platforms such as WebInsure Consumer, WebInsure Medicare and WebInsure Groups to help health insurers effectively manage and acquire individual and small business customers. The startup also hosts WebInsure Private Exchange platform that allows different health insurance payers to define a marketplace for their small business customers. Their WebInsure Cloud solution provides practical and cost-effective cloud based options to health insurance players..

These various solutions are being adopted by different healthcare organizations to enhance their processes and ensure compliance in the healthcare business without investing too much on the IT infrastructure. Sanjay, says since they started building on the technology front right since the enacted of law, they have able to offer a distinctive advantage to their clients.

hCentive is Sanjay’s second venture. Before starting this up, he along with his partners Rajul Garg, Manoj Agarwala and Tarun Upadhyay were part of GlobalLogic, a software development and outsourcing firm. Sanjay was instrumental in growing the company to over 3,000+ employees and led all aspects of company operations. GlobalLogic had offices in more than five countries such as Argentina, CHile, China, India, UK, US. It also attracted investment from top notch VC firms (NEA, Sequoia and Draper Atlantic (now called NAV)). Sanjay continues to be on the board of GlobalLogic.

However starting up in an area like healthcare where competition is neck high, was not a piece of cake. Sanjay says: “People generally do not wish to work with startups like ours, at the same time no one else was building the technology and platform that we offer them. Therefore at the end of the day they did not have any option but to trust us. And we never really broke their belief.” hCentive’s solutions are currently being used by some big name such as HCL, Cognizant, Alliant, Wellpoint etc.

The different solution and services offered by hCentive comply with all Federal, State regulations and industry standards. They compete in the market with Connecture and Gohealth. But Sanjay feels with hundreds of insurance companies and a different health insurance program in every state in US, they opportunities for them are endless. The startup has already won work, developing health insurance exchanges for Colorado, New York and Massachusetts.

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