How to get well connected to your target market? Gautam Mago of Sequoia Capital can answer it well


More often than not, most startups are looking to raise funds. Venture Capitalists are looking for startups to invest in as well. It is their job, after all. In the words of Gautam Mago, Principal, Sequoia Capital - "We as investors are in business as well, the business of investing money and at right places".

When both, entrepreneurs and VCs need each other for their business growth, then why is fund raising such a big challenge? Often, the vision of a VC and a startup don’t match. While an entrepreneur might build a brilliant product, they often forget the role that it plays in the market they’re targeting.The problem lies in connecting with the market.

So how do you overcome it? Drop by at TechSparks Hyderabad this Saturday where Gautam Mago will be joining us to answer your questions and offer his valuable insights on how to grow your markets, how to scale up and raise capital.

Gautam is a Principal with Sequoia Capital India where he focuses on investments in healthcare and technology. He holds an impressive list of companies like Coastal Projects, iCreate, KMC Construction, Moolchand, Practo, Sai Life Sciences, Star Health, UnitedLex in his portfolio.Prior to joining Sequoia, Gautam worked with McKinsey & Company as well as Arthur Andersen. Gautam holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and a Masters in Commerce from the University of Mumbai. He is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Coastal Projects, iCreate, KMC Construction, Moolchand, Practo, Sai Life Sciences, Star Health, UnitedLex

If you are looking for some insights and sincere advice on how to connect better to your markets and fund raising, meet Gautam Mago at TechSparks Hyderabad.

Tell us what you would like to ask him and get your tickets now. See you at Katriya Hotel and Towers, Somajiguda at 2pm, June 22nd 

Disclaimer: Sequoia Capital, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Verisign and CNBC TV18 are our sponsors for TechSparks 2013


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