Pixel Jobs: A sleek uncluttered job portal for creative folks


If you have ever gone job hunting over the internet, you have a fair chance of landing up on sites that will inundate you browser with hyperlinks, dropdowns and an unfathomable navigation. So when I landed on Pixel Jobs I was pleasantly surprised. Nobody coercing you to login, no multiple tabs to open to check what you want, only a wonderful combination of beauty and efficiency.

If that just sounded like an advertising rant, pardon me. But that is how I genuinely felt after first landing on their site. There is also no denying the fact that Pixel Jobs looks HasGeek inspired but in around two months since their inception, they have posted jobs from around 83 ventures on 500 jobs which is good traction for a niche. These jobs have mainly been in the areas of content, design and marketing.

When we asked Himanshu Khanna, the founder of Pixel Jobs about his motivation to start Pixel Jobs and what they plan to do, he said: “Pixel Jobs is our vision of how the job search for the creative folks should be. Creative folks both job seekers & recruiters depend upon outdated platforms for posting and searching for jobs. In irony of things the very services creative folks use for job search were designed in the dark ages of internet. So Pixel Jobs is a new and refreshed take on job search with a strong focus on aesthetics and design catering specifically to the community of the creative folks which best appreciate it.”

The site has been designed intelligently. You can see the company, the position, the work experience needed and the location of the company in once crisp box. They have currently sorted all jobs into permanent, temporary and freelance. They also have a featured section where they present the best jobs on the site. You can also share these jobs on all major social networks.On the down side, we wonder what will happen as the number of jobs and companies begin to increase, will their current layout be feasible. With just around 10 jobs visible in your window, you may have to scroll down quite a bit to find what you are looking for. This is definitely something they should look into before scaling.

When asked them about their plans one year down the line, Himanshu jokingly says that they never plan for that long. For the next two months, they plan to launch their version 1.0! (Yes they call this version 0) Other than that, they are also coming up with iPhone and Android apps. They also intend to introduce features of boards wherein they will let you choose the types of jobs and companies you are interested in, and show you only those jobs and you can also share these boards with friends and others in the community. With a thriving network, and more and more companies being added almost daily, Pixel Jobs may well be on its way to being a favoured portal for the Indian creative community.

Website: Pixel Jobs


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