Presenting the 3 City Sparks from TechSparks 2013 Mumbai


TechSparks 2013 Mumbai edition was held at IIT Bombay on 8th June 2013 and in this second leg of the 7 city startup extravaganza, 3 promising startups from Mumbai pitched. These startups were picked as the CitySparks and were chosen on the basis of traction, market size, uniqueness of the idea and presentation.

[You can apply to become a TechSpark 2013 here.]

Here are the 3 chosen startups:

1) Trabblr: Helps socially discover unique things to do around the world through exciting events and personalized city guides.

2) TruTech: Organization focusing on cloud computing technologies and solutions (specialize on gesture based technologies).

3) ExpenseBuzz: A cloud SAAS system for Telecom Expense Management, Wireless Mobility Management, Telecom Invoice Processing, Telecom Procurement, etc.

Note: These are 3 companies pitching at the TechSparks Mumbai edition and it doesn't mean that the others who have applied from Mumbai won't be considered for the Top 30 which will be presented at the TechSparks Grand Finale in Bangalore in October 2013.

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