Pune based TastyKhana partners with global player Delivery Hero, receives an investment of USD 5 million


Pune based food ordering start-up TastyKhana.com just announced its partnership with Delivery Hero, a global player in the market of online food ordering services. With its presence in 14 markets worldwide, Delivery Hero now plans to invest more than 5 million USD in TastyKhana to help strengthen its position in the Indian market.

With apps for Android, iPhone and Blackberry in place to order food from mobile, the orders saw an increase by 40% within the last month, and gained the company further attention from Delivery Hero. After the first small investment in 2012, TastyKhana has grown more than 400%.

"The strength in our core markets allows us to invest in smaller, innovative companies like TastyKhana to accompany them with technological know-how and financial resources on their way to the top," said Niklas Östberg, CEO of Delivery Hero. 

After creating the company as a way to satisfy his own needs to make food ordering easier, Founder Shachin Bharadwaj is now looking forward to the investment, which will further fuel the company’s success. “Thanks to a great dedicated team and the support of investors such as Delivery Hero, we have been able to boost our start-up to the next level. We continue to grow rapidly and we will now work towards acquiring market leadership in all cities that we operate,” said Shachin.

TastyKhana is aiming to bring better food to the people by offering consumers healthy, convenient ordering options and is striving to empower local businesses by helping them meet technological demands as well. Last month, TastyKhana hit over 1,000 restaurant partnerships in Mumbai, and is associated with more than 3,000 restaurants across the seven cities it operates in.


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