A woman entrepreneur who made it big in the area of web development


‘Outstanding woman entrepreneur’, ‘Best Young Entrepreneur’, ‘Best Web Tools in 2012’,’Priyadarshini award’, ‘Women’s achiever award’ – these are some of the accolades that Sneha Thakker, founder and owner of Thakker Technologies(ThT) has achieved in the short span of four years since starting up. Sneha is among the growing breed of entrepreneurs who believe in starting young and achieving young. She started (ThT) in 2009 with her pocket money and has since then developed and designed for clients across content management, information and knowledge management, marketing and sales, HR and procurement.

Thakker Technologies Team

ThT has tried to innovate in the much cluttered space of web development by bringing new and innovative ideas backed by extensive surveys and research. What makes them different from the competition is their approach to create programs that can meet the most common feature first, rather than creating a whole product that will please everyone. The product designing goes through a structured process with steps like idea generation, what to develop, codes, run test cases, what price would fit for it etc. “We have always enjoyed the first mover advantage and our USP is very simple, price less and sell more,” says Sneha.

Sneha Thakker

ThT has 3 verticals within the company - software, design, consulting and research. Sneha is very confident of the company’s capabilities and therefore says they do not believe in chasing customers but rather follow the approach of sending emails to all the potential / existing clients informing them about special offers, new features to the product, removal of bugs etc.

The final price to the customer is fixed by testing the viability of the product in the market, capability in generating future demand, time taken in development, market potential, competitor pricing in the market and services rendered pre and post. The products are aggressively promoted online on popular search engines and social networking sites.

Sneha says the company has grown multifold since its inception in 2009 through strategic & effective planning. “Profits have been coming in since the very first year of operation. All these years the business has only served international markets, and now Indian markets are waiting to be tapped,” says Sneha.

Today a team of 10 people run the show, but plans are in the pipeline to multiply employee strength by opening office overseas to expand further. The company is also open to partnering with like-minded businesses and external funding, says Sneha.

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