[App Fridays] Where's my Moolah is a pretty looking expense tracker


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Remember those movies where senior officials at large companies are shown to have those pretty personal assistants who'd help them out with all their admin work? If that lady was ever an app, it would be today's App Friday. There have been so many apps that have beaten more established apps in the same category by simply looking brilliant. Of course, there's functionality, user experience etc, but at the end of the day, looks matter for an app.

Where's my Moolah is an app that enters the crowded expense tracker space. We've covered two expense trackers on this column already, but we've taken on a third because of its looks. Apart from being a functional expense tracker app, it's looks and layouts are strikingly different to what we've seen in any other Android app, let alone any other expense tracker app. But is that going to be good enough to make Where's my Moolah a keeper?

Well, here's the review -

What is it about? 

Where's my Moolah might look like a monster of an app from the outset, but there are three main functions that it performs. The first screen is where you enter expense details. There are two tickers on this page; one that moves vertically, which you can use to navigate date and a horizontal ticker, which you can categorize your expenses. Apart from this, this screen has a text box where you can enter the numerical value of your expense.

The second screen provides graphical representation of the entered details. Currently, it offers a bar chart and a pie chart representation of your expenses. The third screen is a listing of all your expenses as per category. Both screens have a horizontal ticker at the bottom with which you can navigate across months.

Are looks enough? 

I still stand by the fact that expense tracker apps are for the already organized. A disorganized person still requires that discipline to go and enter expenses as they happen. To me, a successful expense tracker is one which helps a disorganized person become more organized.

The question with Where's my Moolah is if it's good looks is if it can get you start using it regularly. In it's current form, not really. While using it, is a pleasure, there isn't a mechanism that reminds you that the app is there on your phone. Automating the entry process also helps to an extent. One of our previous App Fridays, Trackash, it's launched a feature where an SMS notification from your bank of an expense you made using plastic currency will be automatically added as an expense.

I think Where's my Moolah's good looks will compliment these kind of features. Right now, it will delight the organized and humor the disorganized.

Pros and cons 

I love how the app looks. It's definitely Where's my Moolah's unique selling point. It's very fluid, across devices of varying specs, suggesting good programming practices. No glitches whatsoever in a weeks worth testing. And while it's not pleasing you with its looks, it also does a pretty neat job of segregating your expenses, as long as you enter them in the first place, that is.

Apart from its shortcomings in the previous section, I think the statistics section can have some more features like trends. A line graph showing how the amount of expenditure varies with the time of the month will be really useful. Also, a facility to add more categories will be a good to have. The app also only records expenditures; it would be nice to have a facility to input income as well.

Our take

Where's my Moolah scores full marks on looks. And it's not just a pretty face. Under it's charming good looks, it's got the foundation of good programming and that tells in the experience of using the app. It's an expense tracker that's got it's basics right.

Where's my moolah needs to be disorganized friendly app. But these are features that can be added to the already strong foundation that the app already has. I believe that adding these features to the application will make a world of a difference to Where's my Moolah.

For now, why don't you try out Where's my Moolah and tell us what you think?


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