Coworkable: A platform for all the resources a startup can share


Apart from being a developer, designer and an entrepreneur, Balakumar Muthu dons multiple hats and his latest gig is Coworkable. Developed by a small team based out of India and Singapore who work on many projects, Coworkable is a platform to find, rent or list shared Office Spaces, Coworking Spaces or Skills for Startups, freelancers, etc.

"While working in my previous venture, I faced the most frustrating experience in finding suitable and reasonable cost office space and skilled professionals, says Bala. There were a few places coming up but it was hard to discover and hence they launched Coworkable.The product was launched mid last year in private beta. Talking about the progress, Bala says, "Even in our current beta release, we got amazing response and have listings from all major Asia-Pacific countries. We have lists from 17 Countries and 54 Cities including India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia and many more."

As far as the revenue model goes, Bala intends to keep it free for users but is working out a play with bigger businesses. The vision is to make the world a happier place to work, by helping people to easily access reasonable cost office spaces & skills and to reach there, the venture is also looking for some angel money to ramp up operations.

This startups which finds its genesis in Coworking+Table= Coworkable, is riding the wave of increasing number of co-working spaces (5 reasons why entrepreneurs choose co-working spaces, new work spaces) and also pooled in resources. The site is pretty clean but there isn't an easy way to see all the properties listed on the site. A few touches on the navigation and then proper distribution to reach out to the people who need it would take Coworkable further on its path.

Check out Coworkable.


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