Dotmach is a great mix of Asana and Yammer; Will it work?


As much as social media site's like Facebook and Twitter are a distraction, they have to much effect, changed the way in which we communicate. Posts and comments have become a norm which the world has adopted and it's very widespread. Yammer quickly noticed this and launched Yammer 2.0, which was even branded as "Facebook for enterprise". The social media has gone on to acquire over 8 million users across 80,000 companies. They even got acquired by Microsoft for $1.2 billion. (Cash only $_$) But when it comes to project management, most people still revert back to tools like or Yammer does have rudimentary task/project management functionalities, but the it is still known for it's social features.

The Dotmach Task Manager

Dotmach is an attempt to club the two concepts into one platform. The company's founder Farooq A Rahim shared " the idea for such a product emerged out of a need that his services company faced while developing an application for a client. He says, “We were using asana, but when it came to communicating with the others, we missed Yammer’s social functions and often reverted back to Gtalk. So we thought a combination of these two platforms will make a great application.”

Dotmach's Yammer part

Dotmach, in line with the intent, is a combination of both these popular platforms. You can create an organization workspace, which is hosted in a Dotmach subdomain. The platform contains an effective communication mechanism, much like Facebook, for the individuals registered under the organization. Apart from this, the platform has a standard task management tool which allows tracking projects as well as assigning tasks to users on the platform, setting deadlines etc. It also has a calendar tool on which you can share events among your group member.

You can maintain various workspaces on Dotmach. Think of them as projects

It's revenue model is freemium; if you want to add more than 10 members to the organization that you've created, you'd have to pay Dotmach. Files upto 2 GB can be uploaded to Dotmach for free. Any more space comes at a price. Farooq further shared that the future for Dotmach included integration with a CRM tool and additions along similar lines. He also said that it took his team all of 8 months to build this. This is understandable going by the sheer size of the application. The application is clean, intuitive and great to use. If you're looking for a platform to manage you team's communication and productivity, I recommend Dotmach.

Within two weeks of it's launch Dotmach has close to 500 members from 8 different companies. While this is good traction, these are solved problems. Will people pay for an integrated solution? That will be interesting to see.

Visit Dotmach and manage your organization's work on it


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