EduStars - The Platform to Recognize and Showcase Education Startups in India is Back!

EduStars - The Platform to Recognize and Showcase Education Startups in India is Back!

Thursday July 25, 2013,

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Education industry is one of the fastest developing sector worldwide. The global education industry is the 2nd largest after healthcare. Indian education market is predicted to be $110 billion by FY15. With a compounded growth rate of 16.5% during FY05-FY12, the current education market in India is seeing a boom.

With a population like that of India’s, the demands in the education sector - both formal and informal - are huge. The gaps in the system are even bigger making education - the base for every country’s development - a field with a dire need of innovation and investments. Government and the entrepreneurs both are contributing to the education sector in their own ways.

With the advent and inclusion of technology in education, the terms like experiential learning, virtual classrooms or skills based training are the talk of the day. A wide gap to be filled, an opportunity to innovate and a generation willing to explore more options and methods of learning makes education a sector of high interest for entrepreneurs.

The number of education startups in all the verticals – content creation, collation or delivery, skill development and training, experiential learning, social network for students/job seekers, hardware supporting educational needs, mobile apps etc – have been increasing tremendously in the last few years. There are plentiful ideas, innovations and entrepreneurs in the education sector but no platform that brings them together or supports them. has an inherent focus on providing the best of the resources, platforms and a conducive environment to startups across all the sectors in India. Education sector is a key vertical in the startup eco-system and hence one of our focus areas too.

Seeing the absence of a convenient platform for the education entrepreneurial eco-system, we started EduStars last year to be go-to platform for the education startups in India. EduStars facilitates visibility, meaningful engagements & discussions, support and mentoring for early stage startups working in and for the education sector of India.


After a successful EduStars campaign last year and with the increasing number of startups in education sector coming up with innovative technology enabled solutions for bettering education system in India, is back with EduStars this year.

The support of likeminded individuals and organizations adds to the power of the mission and we are thrilled to kick-start EduStars 2013 in association with Accel Partners and Intel Software. Believing in the vision of EduStars 2013, Anand Daniel, Principal, Accel Partners, said, “Edustars is aimed at showcasing outstanding education companies across India in a focused three month time frame. We were able to discover some outstanding companies in the education space through the EduStars program last year. We look forward to continued support from education startups and to showcasing some exciting education ventures through EduStars 2013."

Sachin Kelkar, Head, APAC Scale Program, Intel Software, opined, “With the phenomenal opportunities in the Indian education sector, there's a need to evolve innovative approaches and solutions for the Indian market. Intel is looking at supporting these emerging players and nurturing their innovation.”

EduStars will be the ground for all the education startups action in India. We can’t be more excited to recognize and support some of the most interesting and impactful startups which are going to be the next sparkling stars in the education industry.

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Education startups in India will get a unique platform for information sharing & knowledge dissemination, selected startups every week get recognition and visibility as an EduStar of India, startups get access to a world class mentoring team with deep domain expertise and much more.

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We thank EduStars Sponsors - Accel Partners and Intel Software for helping us in enabling EduStars 2013

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