Is your eCommerce website optimised (Not SEO) ? Ask Intentree


How many times have you used a new ecommerce site and not been able to figure how to use it? Of all the technology products online, ecommerce portals prioritise user experience the least. This is understandable because of the nature of business - you'd want to worry about maintaining inventory, setting a supply chain, build a robust platform that is reliable. But case studies have shown that a good user experience has provided a website with tangible results.

In a recent ComScore survey, Jabong was the most visited ecommerce site in India last year. Jabong claims that their traffic increased multifold because of some usability changes on their site. These changes were made by Intentree. They optimise ecommerce sites to have high product discoverability and provide a great user experience. Apart from Jabong, they've worked with industry biggies like redBus and Myntra.

I spoke to the co-founder of Intentree, Santosh Jose, who says, "Even if you take Flipkart today, someone who's not used to its user experience will find it hard to navigate it and discover products in it. That's where we come in; we find how product discovery and availability of information can be made better. But along with this, we also have a propriety methodology which we use to conduct online testing of product as well, so as to understand the difficulties of a general user." Santosh further shared that the this technique is not employed by anyone else as other players like HFI limit themselves to an expert's evaluation. "We have an experts evaluation as well for the companies that cannot afford a full analysis."

Santosh brings experiences from his stints as an ecommerce product manager at infosys and intel, and says that he understands the business from the eyes of a business owner. He says, "The problem with ecommerce portals today is that it is run by techies. They build robust platforms, but they lack in the UX front. They also don't consider it to be that important as they can't see much tangible impact that UX can have for an ecommerce portal. That's where case studies like Jabong's experience with out services help." Intentree also has Bharat Gera as a principle consultant, who mentors and oversees the company's growth. Apart from this, Intentree is a 14 member team which is spread across usability, product development, operations and digital marketing."

At a personal level Santosh believes that Intentree will help the entrepreneur behind an ecommerce venture. He says, "A lot of these guys are going to shut shop. I've seen what these guys go through as entrepreneurs and I believe that what we do as Intentree can help some of them. We work with a lot of the early guys like Pepperfry and IndiaMyra and they are really benefiting from our services. We'd like to help more people in this space."Intentree's offering to ecommerce industry is an interesting one and the result of their work with other companies is impressive. However, it will be interesting to see how this company grows from now onwards. There are 900 ecommerce companies in India of which Intentree has acquired 12 suggesting a large growth opportunity.

We'll keep you posted with all the happenings are Intentree. Visit them to know more about their services.


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