KeyMails – Eyeing the Global Enterprise Market for Email Overload


Email overload is a problem that is being talked about everywhere. There has been movement in the space at a fundamental level. Last month, Google started rolling out an ‘auto-organize Inbox’ for Gmail users, to organize mails based on categories like coupons, newsletters, social media notifications and of course priority e-mails. Other discussions regarding rethinking email are also on and targeting the enterprise space, a product from Colimetrics called KeyMails aims at solving the email overload problem that cripples the efficiency of professionals at work.

Founded by Pankaj Kulkarni, Yogi Kandlikar, Phaniraj Raghavendra, Rakesh P Gopal, KeyMails is currently available for Outlook. KeyMails goes through the mails and ranks them in the order of importance to you. KeyMails machine learning algorithms automatically learn from your past e-mail behavior – how you respond to different people, the relevance of the e-mail content to you and other aspects which are unique to your behavior.Few months ago, KeyMails launched its public beta on We are pleased to report that KeyMails has got very good market traction since then. KeyMails has been downloaded in 50+ cities spanning 12 countries (US, India, Canada, France, Australia etc).

KeyMails has got good reviews ( and is now gearing up to intensify efforts globally. KeyMails is for any business user in small, medium or large organization who gets a lot of email and is priced at US $25/year/user.Colimetrics is also a TechSparks 2012 company, and if you are a Microsoft Outlook user facing e-mail overload, you can download their fully featured 30-day trial from


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