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Relationships for life are made at college. It is the place where you can find at least one more person whose thoughts match yours. Vikas & Krishna met each other in college and soon they realized they thought similarly about many things and the same desire to do something that will impact the society directly or indirectly. During their stay in college they have tried many things together to find out where their true passion lies and somewhere down the road they realized Supply Chain Management consultancy is their niche.

They identified that the system of the Supply Chain network is unstructured in India and they believed a structural organization could be brought into the system. But instead of pursuing their dream immediately after graduating from college they worked for few MNC’s. However, they grew frustrated with the corporate life and decided to quit and start up Lytkraft.

They set up Lytkraft consultancy to improve the ease of supply chain operations in India for their customers abroad. Many companies abroad have their supplier base in India but the suppliers try to rip off the company because of many untold reasons. This is where Lytkraft comes into picture and helps their client abroad to optimize their supply chain and get bargain deals. At a later stage, Lytkraft shared that they'd want to collaborate with the Indian companies as well and structure their supply chains.

Lytkraft is a completely bootstrapped venture. In a market with little stability and few avenues to scale, the challenges they faced were countless. To counter this, they implemented new concepts such as structure through business review, comprehensive supplier selection and transparency in the service. Being aware of the challenges faced during setting up of a startup themselves they also offer help to new startups.

The company kicked off when they had their first client, a seller based in Europe who sells Indian handicrafts in European countries. From then on Lytkraft never looked back as they raced to serving two more clients in the first two months alone. Setting up an office is another memorable landmark in the journey of Lytkraft. They like to offer services to sellers who try to elevate the Indian Heritage or who work on a social cause and charge on a quarterly retainer basis.

Marketing isn't their top priority as they consider themselves as a brand which provides service like no other and they believe that their good service itself will market their brand. So the only sources of marketing are their website and the word of mouth. With the mission of bringing structure to the Indian market Vikas & Krishna want people to remember Lytkraft as the company that revolutionized supply chain market structure in India.

Initial thoughts

Optimizing supply chain is a service that many eCommerce startups wouldn't mind paying for, if the pricing is attractive. However, given that the Lytkraft's focus is on the eCommerce companies abroad, trust would be an important factor. Given the problem that foreign eCommerce companies who source their content from India, transparency that Lytkraft claim to provide will be greatly appreciated.

How their Indian startup facing business pans remains to be seen.

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