Making it easier for people with liabilities to startup- With Aditya Chaturvedi, Mountain Apollo India


Entering entrepreneurship is often termed as taking a leap of faith. If started early, entrepreneurship is more like an experiment which if successful, yields rich dividends and if not, it still lands you in a good place. But once you’ve been into the corporate life for a while and have a few liabilities, it becomes difficult to suddenly let go. People have the experience, they have the execution skills to make a startup kick but sometimes the liabilities keep them away from starting up.

Aditya Chaturvedi

Mountain Apollo India is an incubator for such entrepreneurs. MAI is a joint venture between Mountain Partners (Zurich) Apollo International Limited (Apollo Tyres Group). The incubator based in Gurgaon aims to take in 3-4 companies each year and work very closely with them. Aditya Chaturvedi is the CTO at the incubator and he currently also works with Cloe Lingerie, which is MAI’s first incubatee.

Aditya has had been associated with startups throughout his career which spans longer than a decade. Starting out with GlobalLogic (headed by Rajul Garg) where he was one of the first employees helped the company grow very quickly from 20 to 100 and then to 3000 in a span of 5 years. Aditya then joined 3CLogic where again he played a pivotal role in growing the team. He then moved onto hCentive, a health insurance technology platform and solutions and has also been associated with the Sunstone Business School.

At Sunstone is where Aditya increased his circle vastly and interacted with a lot of young entrepreneurs. This got him in touch with Mountain Partners and he was chosen to head on the India operations of Mountain Apollo India along with CEO, Pankaj Vermani.

The idea of the incubator is to be with the entrepreneurs for more close to a year, work very closely with them (they come up the designation of the Janitor at the company) and take them to a Series A stage in 15-18 months. Agnostic in terms of looking at sectors, Mountain Apollo India is currently looking at companies and will be soon announcing their next incubatee companies.

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