Working professional and mother Shilpa Sikdar launches Mom-Dom, a DIY kit to instill values in kids


Shilpa Sharma Sikdar is a working professional who gave birth to a beautiful boy a few years ago. Managing CSR for Yum Brands, Shilpa continued her normal life untill her son was two years old. This was the time she realized that she wasn't spending enough time and instilling long lasting values in her child.

Shilpa rued, “I was spending time with Agastya but not a meaningful time. Buying him toys, I was only covering up for the guilt of not being able to provide an understanding of values in his life.” She consciously made a decision to spend more time with her son. For instance, she’d usually prepare the gratitude card on behalf of her son for his grandparents but this time she sat down with him to make one. The kind gestures gave the feeling to his mother that he understands gratitude.

She realized that fun and engaged learning helps her child learn things faster and easy. And talking to a few people, she realized that the problem she was facing was also faced by other parents.

Taking her perception one step forward, Shilpa along with her husband Amit put her experiences into tangible form. And brought into effect Mom-Dom: An online platform that bridges the gap between parents and children by engaging them into fun and meaningful activities.

Mom-Dom offers a DIY kit which has products which apart from being fun have an intention of instilling values in the kid. These boxes contain written activities like growing plants, making friendship cards as a sign of generosity. These activities vary each time with different themes. For parents, this trick of activities has to be performed like magicians in a way that will help a child connect with your sleight of hands and words. This encourages for a healthy development in a child.

Mom-Dom works on a subscription model. There are 3 different subscriptions- Mom-dom Box (INR 2000/month), Mom-Dom Trunkies (INR 1200/month) and Mom-Dom Digital (INR 500/month).

Mom-Dom as a whole aims to create a platform where parents and children both find value via the different services, products and the community that is present. Shilpa is currently engaged in various activities but seeing the traction with Mom-Dom in the past couple of months, she is focusing on the company.

Website: Mom-Dom


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