Mumbai based startup, Squeakee partners with the Raheja group for a one day flat 50% sale at Infiniti Mall (mumbai only)


After announcing their arrival as a startup in the beginning of this year, Mumbai based Squeakee, which is in the business of hyperlocal deals search, went a little quite. The company had raised a seed round from Kae Capital which they had intended to use to expand their operations and personnel. They're now back in the scheme of things with a partnership with the Raheja group. Tomorrow, all brands at the Infiniti Mall in Andheri and Malad will run a flat 50% off on their products which can be availed via the Squeakee platform. This deal will last only for tomorrow.


Abrar Shaikh, Founder, Squeakee

We caught up with Abrar Shaikh, founder of Squeakee, who shed some more light on this deal. He says, "I think we got the timing right. We went and proposed this to the Raheja group, who took the proposition to all the brands in their malls. The idea of leveraging a location specific application like ours really excited them. Tomorrow, over 200 brands will run a flat 50% discount, and these can be availed using Squeakee. The Infiniti mall is quite a large mall and there is no way you'll get to know of all the deals that their brands have."

This sale is happening at the Infiniti malls in Andheri and Malad. Users can find deals either on the Squeakee website or their mobile site. Abrar further shared that they will soon release their Android app.

Some recent developments 

In their downtime, Squeakee has invested in hiring, mainly to beef up it's top management - "We recently hired Rohan Khara, who was product manager at Microsoft and most recently was leading product and innovation at Quiker. He's now leading product at Squeakee. We've also hired, Ritesh Trivedi, as head of sales, who was VP sales at TELibrahma. These have been our top management hires so far."

Apart from this, Abrar shared that Squeakee has also expanded operationally, by partnering with more than 25000 dealers in Mumbai alone - "The demographics of our merchant vendors maintain a 60-40 ratio. While larger, well known brands made about 40% of our vendor base, 60% of the guys we've signed up with are people whom you wouldn't have heard about." Abrar also shared that, Squeakee is now expanding to Bangalore as well.

Squeakee's deal with the Raheja group is an interesting deal. While a sale of this magnitude would ensure Infiniti mall of large number of footfalls, it also gives Squeakee great visibility. Furthermore, this model can be replicated across popular malls in India. Also, Squeakee's growth so far has been promising. Will they be able to scale it to other regions as well? Where do they go from here? Stay tuned for more from Squeakee.

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