Musicfellas' introduces a DIY for artists and embeddable players for better distribution


Musicfellas' is a social discovery platform for indie music artists. Launched in November 2012 by Mayank Jain, Gaurav Shahlot and Shubranshu Jain, the company has been a part TLabs which got them an investment of INR 10 lakhs. Initially starting out by putting in their own money, the engineer trio decided to follow their passion for music and do something to encourage the indie musicians.

Over the months, the company has been able to get 500 artists from India on the platform and there are 250+ international artists. Uptill recently, the songs could be bought from within India only but now they have integrated PayPal and have an interesting feature for foreign buyers- 'Pay What You Want'. "Basically a minimum price is set for an album and then users can choose to pay that or a higher amount for that album. We've seen this happening a lot lately with some of our music," says Mayank.

Songs are priced at around INR 60 while albums are being sold at an average of INR 500 (read Mayank's views on the shutdown of Flipkart's Flyte). "The way we run the company is with a vision of being really pro-artists and give a better distribution channel to them so that at the end, music benefits," says Mayank. In recent new developments, Musicfellas' has introduced two new features:

A DIY for artists

Artists on Musicfellas' till date had to email their songs which the team would upload but the process is now free of that intermediary and artists can directly upload their songs from a dashboard. The team at Musicfellas' gives it a sanity check before making it live. Artists can then see the stats about how their song is performing from the dashboard.

This is a great new engagement tool for artists as each would be curious to know as to which kind of songs are striking a chord. Artists get to set their own prices and get 70% of the sales.

Embeddable Players for better distribution

The other interesting feature is that the songs can now be embedded like here (my faourite song on Musicfellas' right now):

Anyone with a blog or website can use this and is a good new way for distributing music from indie artists. The widgets come in 3 forms and works the same way how you'd embed, say a Youtube video.

Making money via selling music online in India is a challenge at this stage but becoming more global in approach and getting more international artists will help Musicfellas. "People from US, France, Germany, etc are buying music and we're doing a lot of other things like having expert curators on board and tying up with international music magazines to make it all gel and work together," says Mayank.

There are a lot of interesting things happening in the world of music distribution (Likes of Moby and Amanda Palmer have some outlandish but amazing views). Musicfellas' also has some competition from the likes of Tune Patrol and Radio Flote but at the end of the day, these efforts are helping music and musicians a lot.

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