myshopmate: An app for all the 'Mall-o-holics'


So you went to the mall last Friday, saw the latest movie, ate at the food lounge and came back. By the water cooler the next Monday, your colleague tells you about amazing offer on denims that was on in that very same mall. Denims of your favourite brand on sale - and you missed it! It was scenarios like these that led to the inception of myshopmate.myshopmate is a mobile app for mall shoppers, and works on both Android as well iOS platforms. It has a nice sleek interface of shop and offering listings of some of the best malls, and promises to be a delight for any mall goer. The app has been launched in Hyderabad, and will expand to other metros like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

The interface is pretty clean, with clear sections for everything. You can check things ranging from offers to stores to movies running. The navigation is simple for most parts, but certain things like city selection could have been included in a more efficient way.

One of the features that I especially liked was that this app sorts malls based on their distance from your current location, so you can check the malls that are nearest to you. Although this feature isn’t very accurate in the current version, with time this could turn out to be an absolute delight, especially for bargain hunters always on the lookout for good deals close by.

For shop owners and malls, this will prove to be an efficient tool for increasing footfall and sales, through free listing on the app. There will also be some premium features that will drive monetization, which will include push notifications to target customers, enhanced branding and customization features. The shop/mall can also send messages to people who are in/around the mall at that moment, to help boost sales further. The app is and will always be free for the users.

The team behind Myshopmate comprises of Ramya Vanika who has worked in the F&B space for around 5 years, Raj Kumar, who has around 9 years of experience in management consulting and Rahul Chaudhari, a successful serial entrepreneur. They are currently focusing all their energy and resources on building a great product and getting a stronghold across other Indian metros.

Website: Myshopmate


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