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Today organizations are trying to achieve more with less, move with increased agility, attempt deeper penetration and constantly outshine others in the market. And to do this employees have to be kept happy. Organisations have reaslied the need to take care of employees who play a valuable role in taking the organization ahead. Be it taking care of their wellbeing, inspiring them or making them feel valued for their hard work and contribution, HR departments have many innovative ideas to help make the difference in employee lives.


Partha Neog & KC Ramakrishna is one such online platform that offers special privileges to employees from offers various brands across categories like dining, travel, giving gifts, health, services, real estate, apparels etc. Started two-and-half years back by Partha Neog (CEO) and KC Ramakrishna (COO), who pooled investments from friends and colleagues, the portal on one hand extends various privileges to corporate employees and on the other hand, it relieves corporates of vendor management, cross level communication, poor customer service, poor infrastructural issues, managing SLA’s etc.

“It is not just a privilege corner or a merely-ecommerce website handling logistics and fulfillment issues; it is also a marketing platform for brands to reach out to their exclusive audiences by offering various deals and discounts on purchases” says Partha. He says theirs is not a simple tie up but a deep integration with the HR teams. The tie up is primarily an HR - Employee benefits initiative and is open for all employees who wish to join. Employees register on a website especially created for the corporate (e.g.,, and login using their official email ids. The offers vary for each website based on the company and location.

Any brand that approaches the corporate for tie-ups, is redirected to thedealspoint team to vet and list online. With close to 200 brands and vendors listed and new many new brands in pipeline, it is a herculean task to decide their repute. All attempts are made to cover brands which impact the entire lifecycle of a corporate user right from baby products, household products, dining, travel, hospitals, real estate, automobiles etc. Brands like Manipal hospitals, Apollo pharmacy, Cleartrip, Redbus, Myntra, Expedia, Yebhi, Mahindra First choice, Artha Properties, Gold Gym, Home Town, hoopos etc. are part of privilege programs while corporates like HCL, Wipro, GE, Ericsson, Aricent, ISB, Hyderabad alums etc. enjoying the privileges offered by these brands.

An exclusive Red Carpet lounge has also been created for special brands who wish to communicate and pamper their users. The lounge is also used to reveal interesting facts about brands, and their latest developments etc and is also used to conduct engagement activities for employees like quizzes, surveys, etc.

“On a broader note everyone who is into marketing is competing with us, but honestly there aren’t many players in the pure play marketing platform. There were a few players earlier likeKlisma, Benefits plus, Privilege corner but they have moved on to become an e-commerce site just for closed group rather than a marketing platform” says Ramakrishna. He agrees they need to scale up more on their marketing efforts. So far they have tapped into their contacts and network to spread the word, and they have managed to bring business and make the venture operationally profitable. They are now in talks with VC and few angel investors to grow and take them to the next level, says Partha.

“Our biggest challenge is when corporates sleep over contracts. Truly this is not a top done agenda even for the HR department. Hopefully that will change as major corporates have now come onboard and realize our potential” says Ramakrishna.


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