SellMojo ties up with Facebook India, hosts 500+ stores now

Tuesday July 23, 2013,

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We earlier wrote about the launch of SellMojo and also argued how F-Commerce is hanging on in India. Inscripts software is a Mumbai based company with over 20,000 clients in over 20 countries and the ones who launched SellMojo, a product that allows people and brands to setup their store on Facebook and start selling. This product is headed by Anant Garg, Anuj Garg and Nameet Potnis and in an announcement today, has tied up with Facebook India.


This tie up will bring the benefits of Facebook Marketing (at a price, not free)- The program includes one-on-one support with a Facebook Marketing Expert who will take the sellers through the fundamentals of marketing on Facebook including building a Page, growing the fan base and driving relevant and authentic engagement with the business. Facebook's agenda for the program is to empower more people as Facebook advertisers to learn the best practices, tips and tricks for building successful and engaging campaigns on the platform. More about the tie up can be read on SellMojo's blog.

SellMojo shared the following results from the merchants they have on board:

  • Up to 74% of user participating & sharing content versus the average Facebook post engagement of just 11% for Retailers.
  • Up to 2.5 impresiions/shares generated for every user
  • Up to a 28% conversion rate for products sold via a Facebook store versus 0.6% for a Facebook community linking to a website

SellMojo has been kept free currently to attract more people to setup stores and they've successfully managed to host more than 500 stores including brands like Reliance. There are other players like Exprestore from India in the space who have also reported good growth (300+ active stores in India with paid customers). Looking at this along with a still growing Facebook user base, the F-Commerce wave in India seems to be on a rise as of now.

Website: SellMojo

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