Startup in 60 Seconds- Phanindra Sama, Founder and CEO,


One teacher I remember, and why

My maths teacher. He had great belief in me and I worked very hard to not let him down. This made all the difference in my life. I started getting good grades and this confidence led me to take bigger challenges in life.

One most valuable work lesson, thus far

Many many many things have to fall in place to have one success. Be thankful.

One thing I look for the most in a new recruit


One thought from a book I am currently reading

Year 2040 (or any year that faraway) is going to happen in my active (not retired) life time!

One tip for time management

Make your mail filters work hard. It can do wonders.

One key thing in my fitness routine

Cycling to office.

One signal that tells me there is a problem

Absence of clarity of thought.

One technique for handling anger

Allowing life to be unfair (

One essential ingredient in my investment portfolio

A great founder. The great team will follow.

One good thing about the new generation

I am very optimistic about our future. Children of our maids, and drivers are all going to school and, in 15 years from now, we’ll have a new India. They elect right people; they engage in high-quality work; they are able to read and analyse.

One worrying thing about the young

Actually, nothing.

One thing that clinches a deal

Put genuine effort to understand the other person’s perspective and have good faith.


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