Sustainable Futures for India from a waste management perspective


Waste management is an important part of any sustainable future and especially for India, the opportunities are immense. We have seen successes few and far between (e.g. Attero) and the space is open for some meaningful action. The Institute of Customer Experience has come up with a report which can help any entrepreneur or a person interested in the space. The report looks into:

  • Why waste management is becoming increasingly important for India?
  • Who are the stakeholders involved in waste management? What happens to our waste - lifecycle of our waste?
  • Global trends in waste management and present innovative uses of waste from around the world.
  • Biggest challenges that India faces in waste management.
  • Two key pressing issues and propose innovative solutions for the same.

ICE previously came out with a report on sustainability which was on “GREENING CITIES - A REPORT ON TRENDS IN URBAN SUSTAINABILITY, 2013" and it can be downloaded here.