TechSparks Delhi highlights captured in pictures


TechSparks 2013, India’s largest technology product recognition platform is now in its 4th edition. The multicity event has already been to Kochi, Mumbai and Hyderabad and was in Delhi yesterday, on July 13th. With an amazing line of speakers and an interactive audience, the event was a grand success.Some of the key moments captured in pictures:

Audience eagerly awaiting for the session to start
Deep Kalra enthralled the audience..
Amit Ranjan having a light moment while sharing his SlideShare journey
Kavin Bharti Mittal expressing his Hike journey in words
Panel at TechSparks Delhi answering an audience's question
DelhiSparks Accuster demo
DelhiSparks Airwoot explaining the product
DelhiSparks Zoop's demo

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