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Those familiar with internet marketing will tell you the importance of video content. Many bloggers have shared that they get as much revenue out of YouTube as they used to get out of their own blogs. Also, a good video inherently has virality built into it, which explains the number of

breakaway successes of the "YouTube Artist". But YouTube, is huge. As with many of Google's products, it is now a crowded place, which is only getting more and more crowded by the day. There is only so much that content on and related to the video can do. At some level, a video maker would have to take to YouTube ads or Google ads to promote their videos, which is expensive.Internet marketers use multiple channels, like blogs, social media etc to get a lot of people to talk about or share video content, which is known to help videos rank higher up in related searches. Vidoofy.com, has productized this method.

How it works

Vidoofy currently aims to help independent movie makers, game developers, bloggers and artists. You provide the system with a video, and you can set up the specifics of the campaign that you want to run for it. Once the campaign is set up, you pay Vidoofy a set fee for the campaign to take effect. Once this is done, the video is circulated to relevant parts of the web, like specific blogs, social media groups, mobile app makers etc. Vidoofy has a growing network of over 5000 blogs, 50,000 social media users and over 100 mobile app users, who help in promoting the video.

Subrat Kar, co-founder of Vidoofy says, "There are more than 2.5 million videos being uploaded by users on YouTube everyday & 90% of them get less view. No matters if your content is good; it is not going to be viral until and unless more people discover it, view it & share it. Here's where Vidoofy helps."

Subrat Kar, Co-Founder, Vidoofy

Subrat shared that there are other video promoting networks with a similar offering, but believes Vidoofy is more effective. He says, "There are a few video ad network to promote your video, but most of these networks work on CPM model. Also, they will distribute your video content anyone on the web, and not a specific audience. With Vidoofy, you can select you target audience, location & group. Your video will get real views with at least 20 sec of engagement."

Post this, the Vidoofy also has analytics support, with which you can track the performance of the campaign as well. Subrat further shared that the campaigns start at a cost of Rs 1000 onwards.

Will it work? 

As a business, productizing a service has always been the way forward. However, India isn't big on content creation, especially video, and it will be interesting to see how the comparatively small content creation community adopts the product. However, being a web based product, it is not tied to a geography, and other markets might actually find great value in Vidoofy. Vidoofy has also chosen the right kind of target audience as they account for a large amount of the video content creation community currently. Pricing also sounds very attractive.

The product is in private beta so we cannot comment on the effectiveness of the product. But if it does what it says, then there are a lot of people who wouldn't mind adopting Vidoofy's services.

Will it? We will keep you posted.

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