Wasting time on "paperwork"? MyEasyDocs hears you


It's that time of the year and you're getting offer letter from foreign universities. You are excited about the time to come and you are looking forward to an enriching experience. But the administration department at colleges will make sure that there is a sour beginning to the journey. Let's admit it, getting a document verified by people in your own university is a horrid experience. Many of my own friends have shared that it's taken them at least 2-3 days and as much as 8000 Rs to get college documents verified physically.

Avira Tharakan

Like countless other Indian, Avira and Thomas Tharakan, also have been through this problem. However, he decided to do something about it. They started up, MyEasyDocs, which was incubated at IIT Madras Research Park in June 2010. It mainly consists of two portals for online document verification; myeasydocs.com and directverify.in.

DirectVerify.in enables background screening agencies and employers to verify employees’ educational credentials without any online registration. MyEasyDocs.com allows users to store verify and share the verified documents online to whomever concerned. The company is currently targeting academic institutions in south India and has over 10 universities that use MyEasyDocs' solution extensively.

Their aim is to address the following audiences -

How does is work?

As I write this, MyEasyDocs is doing a launch event at Bharatiyar University, whom they've onboarded recently. Now if you're a student of Bharatiyar University, you can go to bharathiaruniversity.directverify.in. Here a student of the Bharathiyar university can fill out his/her details, choose and upload the document that needs to be verified. The verification process varies in cost from document to document. A payment gateway is used here and the verified document is sent back to them in a matter of a few minutes.

Thomas Tharakan

Thomas Tharakan, the CFO at MyEasyDocs, said, "We realized that if we had to reach our customers, we needed to target the verifying bodies. We have started with the academic institution. We see about 400 transactions a day on our system that has been distributed across our sites, as well those sites integrated with colleges that we've tied up with. The revenue has been good, we've already earned about 17 Lakhs in transaction costs since starting services, about 6 months ago." Thomas further shared that this initiative also addresses the current state of fraudulent documents as well. He says, " As the internet opens up possibilities of location-independent and instantaneous transactions, we're trying to build a secure online document issue and authentication system can completely transform the age-old process of paper based verification and make it more secure, smooth, efficient and easy."

Today's launch at Bharathiyar university is one more university to their fast growing list of universities that they're working with. Technology, along with making processes faster, also makes it very transparent. I believe that more innovations of this sort need to surface in India. And seeing MyEasyDocs' traction early on, it is good to know that there are takers for the technology as well.

Check out MyEasyDocs and we'll keep you updated with their developments



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