[YS TV] Pallav Nadhani, founder of Fusion Charts on hiring for startups


Hiring for startups is always a challenge, especially when you're building a company for the first time. And in this growing new wave of tech product companies coming from India, hiring is a challenge we keep hearing about. There are a few in India who have been able to build great teams and one of them is Fusion Charts.

Founded by Pallav Nadhani in 2003 from Kolkata when he was just 17, Fusion Charts is now a 65 member team with presence in Kolkata and Bangalore. A software company, Fusion Charts pioneered the concept of Flash Charting- animated and interactive charts. It now has more than 21,000 customers across 118 countries.

Here, we get in touch with Pallav to get a few tips on hiring and what has worked for them:

We have also interviewed a few employees at the company and walked into their office one day to see how the atmosphere is (this was a part of the Startup Jobs Fair):

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