An Economics grad who shifted to Mass Comm and now runs 'A Little Anarky'

Koval Bhatia

Koval Bhatia is a Delhi girl who was pursuing a degree in Economics when she got interested in theater. She decided to follow her heart, and started involving herself actively. Growing passionate about it, she went on to do a Master’s in Mass Communication from Jamia University, post which she started freelancing as a digital video professional. The year was 2011, and she was surprised with the number of projects coming her way. She was basically creating engaging content for the net, and there were many companies of various scale interested in getting her services (and willing to pay for the same).

As projects started mounting, she assembled what she calls her 'strike team' of storytellers and artists, who love film-making and producing creative content for the net. And they called themselves 'A Little Anarky'. The startup is now a team of 15 people and they hope to disrupt the Advertising and PR agency space by helping brands tell their stories visually. A Little Anarky operates from an office in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi, which also doubles up as a co-working space and they're planning to hold workshops, screenings and networking events from the coming month.

The name, A Little Anarky, is inspired by 'The Joker' and, “The whole idea was that the world is full of established rules about how storytelling works, how advertising should be and there is a whole industry of corporate films out there that are made for the sake of being made. We want to break this mould,” says Koval.

A Little Anarky has done around 150 projects till now, for clients ranging from big corporates like Ford to very early-stage startups (Laputa and MyPromoVideos are other startups in the space). Time frame and commercials vary based on nature of work - there's hardcore illustration-based work that can take 2 months and there's fun guerrilla shoots that are conceived, shot and edited within 4-5 days.

The average age of the team is 23 years and is gunning to disrupt the agency concept by offering more accessible, affordable and more relevant storytelling for brands.

Website: A Little Anarky


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