Collaboration tool Brightpod supports 7 languages now, makes headway with marketing agencies


Brighpod is a collaboration tool from Mumbai based Synage Software. The product was launched in April this year and, in the short span has got more than 500 customers on board. Number of paid customers hasn’t been revealed but the company informs that “our paid users are marketing agencies with teams ranging from 3-12 users and our most popular plan is the $49 studio plan.” In a recent announcement, the company has launched in 7 new languages to support more teams. We got in touch with founder Sahil Parikh for a quick chat:


YS: Tell us how the product has evolved.

SP: Over the last few months, we've added quite a bunch of features including a Calendar, Recurring Tasks, languages and more Workflows. More and more marketing agencies are now using Brightpod to plan marketing campaigns and we have users from 60+ countries. They range from full service agencies to content marketing or just PPC agencies.

We're on the way to building even more marketing centric features. Since a majority of our active users use Brightpod for planning blogging/content marketing efforts, we're working on an Editorial Calendar which will see a more robust calendar to help teams plan & collaborate on their content efforts.

YS: Can you share any usage patterns among your customers?

SP: We've seen paid users have as many as 70 Pods (projects) in their account with 20-25 being the average. Here's a recent case study we did on one of paid customers.

YS: What’s there on the roadmap immediately?

SP: The editorial calendar is the biggest feature we're going to be releasing soon. Post that, we're looking at a few integrations that will make life easier for marketing teams/agencies (For eg. Time Tracking).

Once we're done with that, we will be adding a reporting suite to make it simpler for teams to send progress reports to clients/management. A mobile version of the app is also definitely on the cards.

Website: Brightpod


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