Design in Social Entrepreneurship - with Neelam Chibber, founder, Mother Earth


Neelam Chhiber, founder of social enterprises Industree and Mother Earth, is an Industrial Designer from National Institute of Design. Neelam has created a successful handicraft manufacturing and retail business with an equal focus on retail market and rural artisans with Industree and Mother Earth.

Working with rural artisans’ skills and blending them with designs to suit the palette of international taste, Neelam has not only created better products but has also generated livelihood opportunities. The design centric social enterprise model which Neelam has been working on for almost 2 decades now, is a proof of capability of design thinking making lives better.

We recently caught up with Neelam to get deeper insights into Mother Earth’s business model and on hand holding of design and social entrepreneurship. Here is what Neelam had to say on:

Genesis of Mother Earth:

Are you an entrepreneur or a social entrepreneur?

Values driving Mother Earth:

What inspires Neelam:

Raising capital for a social enterprise:

Design and Social Entrepreneurship:

Psyche of design students:

Design education in India:

Advice to young designers:


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