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Monday August 12, 2013,

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Jasvir Singh, Co-founder and Head-Marketing, Rebbon Isosystems
Jasvir Singh, Co-founder and Head-Marketing, Rebbon Isosystems

Among the invariably door-less stalls in the Medicall 2013 exhibition, there was at least one exception: Rebbon. For, it had only doors to show, such as the hermetically-sealed sliding door, and the radiology room door.

Jasvir Singh, Co-founder and Head-Marketing, Rebbon Isosystems (, explained to me how the founding team sat together and designed the logo, set about rolling out the product, and began winning business. The company makes specialised doors for cold storage, warehousing, industrial usage, clean rooms, pharmaceutical, and healthcare sectors.

“We started this company in December 2010,” begins Jasvir. “The idea to start this company was to develop new type of doors for the medical industry.” Though there were doors already for this industry, they were generally imported doors, he explains. “Indian market needs such doors. Before starting Rebbon, we were working with two or three companies, and found that everybody wanted to copy those imported doors. Nobody wanted to try developing new doors. Those may be of good quality, but there is scope for improvement.”

Rebbon took eight to nine months to develop their product and then launched their door in the market, continues Jasvir. Hurdles were many, such as cost, finance, infrastructure; but, “once we decided, we had to do that.”

It is all upon your commitments, says Jasvir, as message for wannabe entrepreneurs. “If you really want to deliver a good quality product in the market, you can actually achieve it. With the help of colleagues and teammates, we did that.”

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