Flixstreet is a social discovery and recommendation engine for Indian movies


In whatever way we may perceive movie reviews, they remain influential when we make a decision about watching a movie. Reviews on the internet, newspapers, friends, they all count. Flixstreet is a new product which lets you make a judgment about the movie better. “We are a group of movie lovers who were tired of reading (paid) critics' reviews and the clutter of movie gossip websites. And hence we built Flixstreet,” say the co-founders who are IIT-Kharagpur alumnus.

Flixstreet has been co-founded by Arindam Mukherjee, Subhadeep Mondal, Arnab Bhattacharya and Tithee Mukhopadhyay all of whom have had a corporate stint after their graduation and now have followed their heart to do something in their subject of interest- movie. “With Flixstreet we are trying to build a social discovery and recommendation engine for Indian movies. Our focus right now is Bollywood but we'll be soon moving into regional films,” says Arindam. The site was launched in December of last year and have since been iterating on the product. The new version has been launched and I gave the product a spin.

The UI is clean and pleasing to the eye. Once you register or login via Facebook, the user is greeted with a screen with three tabs at the top- Movies, Street chat and My Activity. The movies section pins down all the movies latest movies, upcoming releases and movies recommended by friends. Flixstreet scores very high on social (I’d like it if Flixstreet doesn’t ask me to share with friends each and every time I login) and gives the user a good UX.

Each tile/movie poster has a ‘+’ on the top which adds the movie to one’s watchlist and then there’s a street pulse rating which tells you about social chatter about the movie. You can go their and discuss movies as well. Flixstreet also has a blog more activity on which would help in getting more traction to the site.

Metataste is another movie recommendation engine being built out from Dharamshala which recommends movies based on an algorithm and parameters which gauge your liking. This is a good space to innovate in as user traction and engagement would be higher considering the segment. Flixstreet is focusing on the product right now and waiting to hit a critical mass before trying out various revenue models.

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