Gusto Web Labs launches MetisMe Attachments App to help you help you sort out your Gmail


Gusto Web Labs was founded by Shalin Tejpal Jain in 2012 and the aim is to make MetisMe synonymous to email. MetisMe will be launching a suite of apps, first of which is the attachment app, in pre-beta as of now. A Morpheus Gang Batch 9 company, MetisMe is based out of Mumbai.

Email is an indispensable part of a working professionals life but along with it. comes a lot of problems. Problems like searching for emails or syncing attachments from your email to your cloud applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote scourge every user. 6 billion attachments are exchanged each day and managing them is hassle for businesses as well as enterprises.

MetisMe tries to solve these problems by providing an addon for Gmail which sorts out all the attachment management problems. Once you install the app, it collates all your attachments and displays them together at one place. An ‘Attachments Stack’ is created inside your Gmail inbox and displays all attachments the very same way as you see your emails in inbox, sent mail, etc. When a search is performed, MetisMe shows the list of attachments matching the search – this attachments centric search saves you from the pain of opening each of the mails to locate that exact attachment you were looking for. And that’s not it, once you get inside your Attachments Stack, you can forward / download attachments from multiple emails in one go.

Another feature of MetisMe is that it connects your email to your cloud services which means that you can then send one or multiple attachments to your cloud services right from inside Gmail. This feature is especially useful for businesses.

The add on is available only for chrome as of now and the private beta is being carried out with 300 users for which you can sign up. Installing something on Gmail surely necessitates a high level of trust that a user needs have on the add-on but if the value proposition is strong enough, users will adopt (like with the Rapportive success story). There are other players like KeyMails which are in the business of clearing out the email mess and this is an area which is waiting for innovation to happen.

MetisMe also has the distinction of being being a tech company envisioned and developed by a non-techie. Shalin is a product manager with a strong sense of design and strongly believes that he can build a company which can develop quality tools to clean up emails. The company has rolled out 300 pre-launch invite here and you can claim yours.


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