Indian women like being entrepreneurs


If entrepreneurship is on the rise, then women entrepreneurship is having an equal amount of buzz. A recent survey conducted by Greyhound Sculpt, of Greyhound Knowledge Group, revealed that 50% women in India are happy being entrepreneurs. The survey was conducted to better understand the issues faced by women entrepreneurs in India. Titled ‘Women Entrepreneurs: Sweating It Out’, the study interviewed over 1,000 women (among SEC A2 B1) running their own ventures spread across NCR, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.

Traditionally seen as the family bulwark, women are now emerging as a force in the enterprise in India. Some of the key outcomes of the study are as under.

Women are happy entrepreneurs: 50% respondents stated they are happy being an entrepreneur as it gives them a sense of freedom. However, 20% women claimed they started their own business to follow their passion and the need for creative satisfaction. For example, makeup artists opening their own salon, housewives starting home-cooked food delivery services for the office-goers, among others. On the other hand, 20% respondents have started their own business for a better standard of living.

Challenge of balancing work and family: More than 40% women claimed that they either work from home or near their homes to look after their family and completing regular chores. 45% of women stress on the fact that being an entrepreneur gives them the flexibility of time.

A constant struggle to be taken seriously: Majority of the women surveyed (68%) faced the challenge of not being taken seriously. In addition, 40% claimed that their family members did not approve, or were not confident of them being entrepreneurs. This reinforces that family approval (especially from the elders and husbands) plays a decisive role for women in business matters.

Some sectors are perceived as ‘No Entry’ for women entrepreneurs: Self-imposed barriers do exist. Women claimed that there are some sectors where there are strong entry barriers. Sectors like transport, real estate, and automobiles are identified as sectors with very strong entry barriers to women entrepreneurs.


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