Mobikon crosses 1200 reviews/day mark; adds new top level management


Mobikon recently announced that its CRM tool for restaurants, Konekt, has crossed the 1,000 reviews a day mark. A press release from the team stated that their Konekt Feedback, a tablet-based customer review platform, now powers over 1,200+ reviews per day. The team has rapidly expanded to over 60 people, of which sales and business development team houses most of the number.

I spoke with Rajiv Thakore, marketing manager at Mobikon, to understand how the company has been chugging along in the past 6 months, and there have been some interesting updates from this Indo-Singaporean company.

Building a solution around Konekt CRM

Rajiv says that Mobikon's CRM tool, Konekt, is the backbone of the company. He says that, "As a customer engagement tool, our proposition is to help restaurants understand their customers better. These insights are generated from various entry points like Konekt Feedback, our social engagement platform kicks in to help reach out to their clients, with a better understanding."

The Konekt platforms provides a restaurant owner with details on a customers personal details like age, gender and also some more detailed information like spending capacity and preferences. As a case study, Rajiv shared the response Mobikon got when this was employed in Spaghetti Kitchen, a popular restaurant chain in India. He says, "We ran a campaign with Spaghetti Kitchen and helped them earn returns, many fold that of their initial investment in the program."

In the coming months, Mobikon is launching a e-menu which is tablet-based menu. They're also launching shortly a mobile POS solution to go with it.

International expansion and top management addition

Rajiv further shared that there are going to be a few key additions and changes to the Mobikon top management, coincident to their expansion plans in South East Asia. Rajiv further shared that Mobikon has already signed up over 100 restaurants in Singapore and are hoping that their response will be the same in other SEA countries.

Mobikon is aiming at 5,000+ restaurants by December 2014. He says, "As of now, India is our largest client-base, but in the coming months, we believe that the SEA expansion will see a lot of traction as well. Yes, the opportunity in India is huge, but so will be through international expansion."

It's exciting times ahead for this company and we'll keep you posted with all of its upcoming updates. Visit Mobikon.


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