Perfiniti, a startup that helps matchmaking based on behavioural compatibility


Perfiniti, a Gurgaon-based start up is offering behaviour compatibility matching service for couples. It equips couples to make informed relationship decisions before or after they enter the relationship.

Perfiniti provides a scientific solution to couples to understand their natural behaviour style, which they say is unique to each individual, just like fingerprints. The Perfiniti Compatibility Matching Service can provide couples to be, with information that can equip them to enter into a relationship with an understanding of their spouse’ behaviour type as compared to their own, which will help them to base their judgement on realistic expectations.For existing couples, the Perfiniti Compatibility Matching Service can provide insights into their behaviour type to help address any relationship issues there maybe. “Understanding the behavioural differences is the key to making love last a lifetime”, said Gaurav Sareen, Founder & Chief Consultant Perfiniti. “Considering that matrimony is perhaps one of the most important decisions a person can make to live a fulfilled and happy life, it is surprising how little information and insight people have into their prospective partners’ behaviour while taking this enormous decisions. Perfiniti now provides couples a scientific and proven way to assess behaviours and match for compatibility”, he said.

Perfiniti’s Behaviour Analysis is based on a global Top-3, scientific, and independently validated tool from Finland. Participating couples complete a secure online questionnaire, which produces a confidential 32 page Behaviour Compatibility Report which measures and compares the couple’s natural behaviour styles for 100 key-behaviour competencies across 9 categories that include communication, listening skills, teamwork, problem solving, leadership, decision making, causes of stress, signs of stress and stress release remedies.

Perfiniti is the brainchild of Gaurav Sareen, a certified behaviour specialist and a trainer and change agent. Gaurav has spent over 20 years working with business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs & mompreneurs via power coaching and in-depth extended DISC® behaviour assessment.

Website: Perfeniti


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