Research Finds that Media Coverage Counts in the World of VC Funding


We all know that most of the entrepreneurs and startups looking to raise funding want to be in the focus and mind-space of the potential investor community, and what better way to do that in today's world other than media, especially with social media.

Communication consultancy Zenogroup recently conducted a study to uncover the data which shows how to reach VCs in today’s era of social networking and the rapidly changing news media.

Leveraging Twitter as a reference, a snapshot of the media and influencers that VCs follow were created and the VCs were directly asked about the influence of social and news media on their networking and investments. And the findings were that there aren’t any shortcuts. Building relationships with individual partners and journalists still matter, and VCs act upon what they see in the news.

View Zenogroup's findings below and access the full whitepaper on Slideshare here.

STUDY: Venture Capital Influencer Insights from Zeno Group


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