Seedfund portfolio startup Dailyobjects focusing on gadget accessories ships 4000 orders/month


Pankaj Garg was one of the first few to develop a listing site to aggregate offline sales and discounts and present them according to user's location and interests back in 2009. The company was and Pankaj was later joined by Saurav Adlakha in the endeavor. While working on this, the duo discovered their passion for technology and gadgets.

Saurav Adlakha and Pankaj Garg at the Dailyobjects Office

Saurav was a gadget aficionado and Pankaj followed the latest design trends. Combining their talents, the duo launched realizing the significant rise in the use of mobile gadgets. Lootspot dealt with good quality gadget accessories which many found a challenge to acquire. “We realised that focusing solely on good-quality accessories would give us more than one advantage like lower capital requirement and better margins,” said Pankaj.

Lootspot was launched in June 2011 and in 2012, it raised a seed round from Seedfund. Post this, the site was rebranded as Dailyobjects. The company also became the first site to launch accessories for iPhone 5, iPhone4S, iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Series. At the moment, the company has around 15,000 SKUs and ships around 4000 orders a month. The average ticket size for Daily Objects is INR 1400.Based out of Delhi, the company has 29 employees as of now and doesn’t fight the price wars to get customers. Dailyobjects targets mobile friendly middle/upper class Indians who’re not really fussy about deals and discounts. 20% of the customers are repeats and this focus on making products which are rare-to-find available easily is what works for them.

Dailyobjects is now looking to market aggressively and is looking for investors to scale up. Check them out here.


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