SuperReceptionist crosses 5000 paying customers, A Look at the product evolution

Monday August 12, 2013,

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Knowlarity is a Gurgaon based cloud telephony company which is backed by Sequoia Capital. SuperReceptionist is the flagship product which is a personal reception hosted virtually in cloud telephony environment. With this service, a business gets a personal telephone number where customers can call 24x7 and a customized message can be set (primary function, more here).The product has recently crossed 5000 paying customers and there have been a few upgrades to the product- it now provides businesses with five IVR levels (there is usually a restriction because of which customers have to go via multiple prompts before which they can reach the agent) and the advantage of operating multiple plans/phone numbers from a single user account. The cloud telephony sector has been heating up with multiple players like Exotel, KooKoo, etc. who are hot on the heels of Knowlarity. Here, we have a look at the product SuperReceptionist and its evolution over time:

SR started as a product which solved some basic call handling problems faced by business owners in real life. The first few features were the just the basic ones which allowed users to take a virtual number for their business and apply simple forwarding rules on the same. A simple use case of that time would be-forwarding an incoming call on the phone number of the agent you desire, and the call would get recorded enabling you to get back later.

Going into the details

Once the basic call handling problem was solved, huge volume of customer feedback was gathered in an effort to get a deeper understanding of issues that business owners faced. This lead to the birth of a feature called parallel call forwarding. Using this, users could forward an incoming call to multiple numbers simultaneously and thus reducing chances of missing calls for the business. Also, a feature called Click2call was introduced which allowed users to call back customers whose calls they had missed. Intelligent reports which could provide valuable information to a business owner about how many calls he is receiving, what %age of calls are getting missed and so on were also rolled out.

Helping businesses in enhancing their customer experience

During the course of time, it was realized that along with solving the core call handling problems for businesses, a better user experience was necessitated. Thus came notifications features which allowed instant notices to be sent to the callers and provide them information about which agent they talked to along with a ‘Thank You’ note.

The way forward

SR has grown from a simple and small product to a powerful one. The focus is now to bring in more and more intelligence into it and solve business problems in the most efficient way. This approach drove towards some of the features which have been introduced recently. The latest upgrade now provides multiple IVR levels, enabling users to add sub-levels and logics to handle complex call flows efficiently. Using multiple IVR levels, businesses can now create departments, sub-departments and allocate agents for call forwarding as per business requirements. Multiple SR plans can be operated from under a single account.

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