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The weekly wrap: The top 10 social entrepreneurship stories from the week that went by

Nelson Vinod Moses
3rd Aug 2013
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Our weekly wrap brings you the most interesting and engrossing stories from the world of social entrepreneurship. This week contains stories on whether the western philanthropy machine is making all the right moves in developing countries, a social enterprise that sells water to fund water projects and 100 inspirational quotes to keep you thinking through the weekend.

Enjoy the read.

Image credit: masoninnovation.org


1) The Charitable-Industrial Complex:

Philanthropic Colonialism is maybe a new way of explaining ‘the white man’s burden’. Peter Buffett, son of billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett talks about the danger of developed country do-gooders thinking that they have all the answers to the problems of the developing world. Sometimes their doing good can cause more problems: like the distribution of condoms to stop the spread of AIDS in a brothel area ended up creating a higher price for unprotected sex!

2) Open development and social impact bonds: rethinking healthcare delivery:

How can open development in technology, payment for social impact through social bonds bring change to the agriculture sector? A new way of thinking that brings together non-profits, social enterprises, government and the civil sector.

3) Top 100 Inspirational Quotes:

Well, we know, this isn’t exactly a social entrepreneurship story. But we couldn’t ignore including this wonderful article on the 100 most inspirational quotes.

Here are two: “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” –Albert Einstein and “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.” –Mark Twain

Go on; be inspired.

4) Citi breaks into the social enterprise sector with first-ever loan

In what can be a sign of big banks cozying up to social entrepreneurship, Citibank gave its first loan to a social enterprise. KickStart International, a social enterprise which designs, manufactures, and sells high quality, low-cost irrigation pumps for use by smallholder farmers across sub-Saharan Africa received $2 million.

5) People Water: A Social Enterprise Sells Water to Fund Water:

Access to clean drinking water is one of the biggest development challenges at present. People water has found a unique solution to address this problem, by drilling a new well, repairing an existing one, or establishing a water purification system. All funds are generated from selling their own brand of water.

6) Professional Wrestler Turns Social Entrepreneur: Video Interview

Meet Richie Frieman, a former professional wrestler, who has launched Charm City Babies to make a profit and provide clothes for needy children around the world.

Frieman is also a published author, having written REPLY ALL…And Other Ways to Tank Your Career.

7) 5 impact investment funds serving the Asian market:

Impact investing in Asia is taking off big-time. Here’s an article that talks about five impact investments that are regional focus on serving the Asian market.

These 5 impact funds are helping solve some of Asia’s most pressing social and environmental problems.

8) Ghost village in Uttarakhand gets a new lease of life:

Thanks to Sushil Ramola, a social entrepreneur, Saur a village in Tehri district, which was on the verge of turning into a ghost village has been given a new start. Thanks to the community-based and owned tourism project by one of its residents, the abandoned village, 110 km from Dehradun, has received a new lease of life.

Ramola began the project by restoring his own 70-year-old family house last year to launch the tourism project. Thanks to the initiative, villagers are returning back to the village.

9) VisionSpring – helping people see the world in a better way, literally:

Read the inspiring story of Jordan Kassalow who is changing the world of those can’t afford glasses. His mission to provide affordable glasses was inspired by a trip to Mexico for a medical camp and his coming into contact with a 7 year old ‘blind’ boy who miraculously began seeing once he had access to high powered eyeglasses.

10) Women social entrepreneurs are more intuitive and relationship oriented than men says Dave Richards, co-founder and managing partner of Unitus Seed Fund:

An interview with Dave Richards, co-founder and managing partner of Unitus Seed Fund where he talks about why his fund favors women social entrepreneurs, the challenges they face and whether women entrepreneurs in India are any different from those from other countries.




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