When nobody can help you…

Vijay Amritraj

Feeling lonely as an entrepreneur? If yes, you may be no different from a tennis player, as Vijay Amritraj explains.

“When I look at a tennis player on the tennis court doing things on his or her own, it doesn’t matter how many coaches you have, how many family people you have in the stands, dieticians, fitness experts… Nobody can help you when you are in trouble on the tennis court. You have to pull yourself out of the hole and you have to do everything yourself,” says Vijay, ‘Former tennis player and U.N. Messenger of Peace, TV personality, brand ambassador and founder of the Vijay Amritraj Foundation’ (@Vijay_Amritraj).

In cricket, you have eleven players; in basketball, you have five; and, in any team sports, you have a bunch of other people, he notes. “Even in golf, which is an individual sport, you have a caddy with you.” Tennis, therefore, is completely different, and it is a real character-building exercise, concludes Vijay.


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