Just dial to know your stress score - Bharat Kumar K, Founder and CEO, 3GS Wellness

Want to know your stress score? Just dial in to +91-92822-00222, answer three questions that you will be asked, and you get a ‘Ricochet score’ shortly thereafter, promises StressMobile, a service from 3GS Wellness. “The tool extricates myriad signals from your voice. It measures, for example, frequency, loudness, intensity, and other such attributes that have been scientifically proven to indicate stress in humans. Then, we use a nice, little algorithm to arrive at a four-digit Ricochet score.”

The founder and CEO of 3GS Wellness is Bharat Kumar .K, a former colleague of mine in Business Line. It was a pleasure, therefore, to reconnect with Bharat, over telephone and email, and learn about his new work.

How do you see the different strands of your previous work experience aligning in your current venture?

I believe that structure thinking is what I bring to the table, developed over long years of separating the ‘wheat from the chaff’ that business journalism helps execute effortlessly on a daily basis. My networking and communication skills honed in journalism help me reach out to a variety of people who may be able to add value to my business. It goes without saying that there must be value for mutual benefit but the ability to think out of the box and reach out to unlikely partners, I believe, will help further the interests of my company. Further, my experience in the IT industry has helped me believe in myself, that I can take on something completely new and come out tops. Client servicing, managing a highly talented technical team in software, managing costs, program management were all skills I picked up only after my entry into the software industry.

A view of the industry you operate in.

I am not sure if I can define the industry I operate in. In a sense, ‘Wellness’ is the term we use for referring to the industry. But I see so many undifferentiated players operating here. If I look at our software, this is as ‘blue ocean’ as it gets. Further, the disciplines that come to have a bearing on the deliverable include psychology, speech science, neuroscience, and ENT speciality, to name a few.

Takeaways for wannabe entrepreneurs.

Wannabe entrepreneurs should always hunt in packs, in my opinion. A minimum team size of two helps tide over challenges better than a single head can think up ways of doing it. It also helps you get a new perspective on things.

StressMobile - Bharat Kumar .K, Founder and CEO, 3GS Wellness from YourStory.in


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