Aruna Schwarz and her stellar journey with Stelae Technologies


Aruna is an Indian who went to Aston Unviersity, England, for her studies and then settled down in France. Progressing from there, Aruna has over 10 years of experience in the IT and telecom sectors in the UK, France, Spain, Africa, and the Middle East. “My experience is in utilizing technology as an enabler to build customer-driven solutions,” says Aruna. She noticed the problems around her, and in September 2002, founded Stelae Technologies to develop and commercialize software solutions in the document intelligence sector.Stelae Technologies is a software vendor providing an automated conversion solution for multiple categories of content. Their flagship product Khemeia is a cloud-based technology which transforms unstructured information into structured enriched content ready for indexing. This enables the customers to provide their users with an enhanced search experience and re-utilize their content for different output types including web, print and hand-held devices.

The company has clients across the globe but has now firm plans to target the BPO/KPO industry in India. In 2008, Stelae raised funding from the Indian Angel Network and in 2012, they moved the company to India. A team of 9 at the moment, Stelae Technologies is based out of Chennai with a development centre in Coimbatore. While building Stelae, three other key members joined Aruna early on and helped shape he company- Pierre Fraise (graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and doctorates from Orsay and former CTO of Datox/Wedia), Frank Bevis (Founder of Konnect Soft, a company specializing in content management and content delivery solutions) and Farhat Shiraz (Over 13 years sales experience in the software space in India, Middle East and Africa).

The company has a volume-based pricing model, pricing per page, and has till now generated revenues of more than $0.7 million. Stelae already has some marquee clients like Rolls Royce Aerospace, Lexis Nexis, etc., and has sold licences to about 15 companies. Aruna is also currently looking to expand the team and in talks to raise another funding round to the tune of $2-10 million to scale up operation. “We’re just about to make a big announcement regarding an India deal soon and the focus is going to be more of India going forward as we sense a huge opportunity here,” signs off Aruna.

Website: Stelae Technologies


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