Three words for entrepreneurs - Chozha Nachiar Rajasekar, President, The Tamil Chamber of Commerce

  • Aim, innovation, and global thinking – these are the three things that Chozha Nachiar Rajasekar, President of The Tamil Chamber of Commerce, puts forth as the most important guidance, for new entrepreneurs.Aim – New entrepreneurs should have aim, first of all. What they are going to achieve, they should try till the end, without hesitation. They should not give up. Any obstacle or anything happens during the course of journey towards their goal, they have to take it, face it, and solve it, taking a leaf out of the experience of the people who have already achieved.
  • Innovative thinking – Out-of-the-box idea should be top priority.
  • Global thinking - Always think globally, act locally. Make use of knowledge for technological improvement as well as skill development. Knowledge is power.


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