I believe in Indian product story because…Tweet away with #tsparks and win exciting prizes from Indian product companies!


We at YourStory are strong believers in the Indian product tech story. We have been rooting for the Indian startups since the past 5 years, and will continue to do so with passion and gusto! We believe that there would be tremendous amount of value created via companies being built from India and we are sure for there would be a few billion dollar IPOs and M&As coming out of India soon!

With this in mind, we would love to hear from you on what is your reason for believing in the India product story, and lay a strong emphasis for the sentiment among many more people, by tweeting about it, with the hashtag #tsparks. Let us use this as an opportunity to celebrate our tech startup ecosystem on Twitter.

So, tweet your thoughts about this, with the hashtag #tsparks

Please follow this template “I believe in Indian product story because.... #tsparks “

And guess what, there are exciting prizes up for grabs. Three lucky winners get -

1) Free pass to attend TechSparks Grand Finale, 5th October, ITC Gardenia, Bangalore (YourStory's flagship event and also the Indian tech scene's largest and the most buzzing conference)

2) First month free on WebEngage’s In-site customer engagement suite’s Premium Plan, post which 25% off on any plan.

Yes, you not only get to the attend India’s most buzzing tech startup conference, but you also get credits from some really cool Indian product companies (let us walk the talk and be product adopters as well?), we plan to host this through the week. So stay tuned for more!

"What is WebEngage

WebEngage is an India based product company, which is known for it’s In-Site Customer Engagement suite. This package consists of three powerful tools -

  • WebEngage Notification helps you drive sales and conversions on your website by allowing you to push targeted offers, discounts and messages to users on your website.
  • Using Surveys, you can collect customer insights at specific points in your application's workflow - e.g. a customer satisfaction survey post purchase, a visitor lead generation survey from SEM traffic etc.
  • Feedback management solutions which many hail as the world's simplest customer support tool ever - it allows you to get up and running with a powerful feedback tab on your website in less than a minute.

We thank WebEngage for being an awesome product company from India and supporting #tsparks " 

So, why do you believe in the Indian product story? Tweet away with #tsparks

We are excited to see you at TechSparks 2013 Grand Finale on 5th October at ITC Gardenia!

We also thank all our sponsors and partners for enabling TechSparks every year http://techsparks2013.yourstory.in/partners/


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