Why MIBS went the big data route after SAP HANA Startup Challenge


MIBS, a SAP Startup Focus participant and “SAP HANA Startup Challenge” finalist, has rebuilt LogipleX, a supply chain intelligence solution using SAP HANA. LogipleX is a tool that enables efficient supply chain models for the healthcare industry, specifically the pharmaceuticals space.

In a press release from SAP, P V Mohanram, one MIBS’s 3 co-founders said, “The healthcare industry faces technical challenges especially when it comes to drug delivery and replenishment, which involves coordination between vendors and distributors. An effective supply chain that addresses these challenges can only be implemented through a robust information technology system. With the LogipleX supply chain intelligence solution powered by SAP HANA, we aim to provide the healthcare industry with the agility, visibility, and control to streamline and manage their supply chain in response to market conditions.”

I also had the chance to interact with P V Mohanram, to get a better understanding of this recent technological decision. He shared that LogipleX was initially using MySQL, and the decision to adopt a big data platform like SAP HANA came because of their exposure to it during the SAP HANA Startup Challenge. He says, “When LogipleX was using MySQL, the scope of its capabilities was very limited. The SAP HANA Startup Challenge was an eye opener to what our product could do with the help of Big Data. This was just the thing to take our product to the next level.”

With LogipleX’s latest upgrade, Mohanram shared that the company can now look to target a new set of clients. He says, “We were limiting ourselves to India and Indian companies. Because of LogipleX’s new capabilities, we can now target markets like South East Asia, APAC and the Middle East.”

We had written about LogipleX and MIBS earlier this year. Since then, Mohanram shared that the company has grown leaps and bounds, in terms of product capabilities, as well as their business deals with large corporate conglomerates. But this growth has not come without challenges. Mohanram said, “I think the biggest challenge is believing, through this time, in what we were doing. Also, given the attrition rates at most startups, ensuring product development was always going to be a challenge. Luckily, we’ve got a good set on engineers and they’ve been absolutely committed to the vision and the problem that we’re solving.”

What worked for MIBS, according to Mohanram, was entering the SAP HANA startup challenge with the belief that there was great benefit to be leveraged upon. He says, “From the very first week of the program, we knew that this program would add a lot of value to our company and we always went that extra mile during the program. That really helped us become the only Asian startup to become a certified SAP HANA user. That too has helped us get a lot of mileage from SAP in terms of marketing and connections.”

Today, MIBS is working with some large clients across India and is setting up an outfit in the Middle East and Southeast Asia as well. But, like any good startup, Mohanram’s vision for the company is high - “To be a reputed and recognized name in the world of supply chain and logistics.”

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