Mycopie: Because notebooks can be more than just a medium of jotting down notes.



Entrepreneurs have the beauty of creating innovative projects out of simple things. We have been using notebooks since ages but the concept of merging it with advertisement turned beautifully for Mycopie. The idea that was started in the college quickly gained traction, Mycopie was selling like hot cakes.

Great ideas are born at night

The idea of Mycopie was born out of NIT Suratkal dorm rooms. In our discussion the co-founders Faisal Moosa and Sanjeev Reddy, shares how they built the initial concept, design and their journey from college dorms to being full-time entrepreneurs. They also mentioned how much they have learned during this journey, from marketing a product to making a better product for the consumers and how to coordinate with different dealers.

The need for innovation

Like any other entrepreneurial venture, Mycopie started being innovative with their products; they are now more than just notebooks with ads. The startup has now been renamed as My Advertising Solutions Pvt Ltd, which aims to create innovative advertising medium to promote youth brands. The design of Mycopie has many tiles now, for example there is Music, Chicken Biryani, Devdas to name a few. MyCopie also gives away coupons for the customers, which can be redeemed at various outlets.

As if a notebook priced at Rs 35 was not enough, they have recently introduced an augmented reality concept with their notebooks. The user will have to get an app ‘Ingage’, through which they can witness projections arise from the notebook itself.



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